President's Award

While recapping the chamber’s accomplishments over the last year, outgoing chamber president Mike Norris presented Ashton Sisk, the organization’s marketing and communications director, with the 2015 President’s Award.

Sisk was honored for her efforts in service to the chamber’s goals – in particular, for the countless hours she spent updating the chamber’s online presence across social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and populating the chamber’s new state-of-the-art website with content.

The President's Award is awarded annually by the outgoing chamber president in recognition of outstanding participation and service to the officers, board of directors and members of the Chamber of Commerce. 

President's Award Recipients:

Nancy Fuller (2017)

Jackie Lendley (2016)

Ashton Sisk (2015)
Chelsy Dochety (2014)
Lisa Claudio (2012)
Becky Moffatt (2011)
Lisa Claudio (2010)
Jeff Fishman (2009)
Renee Keene & Brian Skelton (2008)
Karla Smith (2007)
Pat Welsh (2006)