Over 34 percent of the state’s estimated population of 5.175 million resides in the Middle Tennessee area. Among the 20 MCSA’s in Tennessee, Tullahoma ties for the state’s second lowest unemployment rate of 8.5% as of February 2012. Aerospace Testing Alliance employs over 2,000 people. Other large notable employers include Jacobs, an engineering firm with a national presence; JSP, Goodrich, MicroCraft, Tullahoma Industries, Cubic Corporation, Rock TN,and Schmiede Corporation.

With a population of over 25% of the residents holding a Bachelor’s degree or higher, Tullahoma offers a well-educated and skilled workforce.

The aerospace sector enjoys strong support from public and private organizations that are dedicated to advancing the industry locally.  Additionally, community education institutions develop programs specifically geared toward enhancing the quality of the workforce available to aviation and aerospace businesses.